Music Rights Malaysia Berhad is a non-profit organisation and the sole licensing designated by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (Mylpo) and agency under the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, C0-Operative and Consumerism (MTDCC) to carry out collective music licence issuance and fee collection activities in Malaysia effective 1st January 2017. We exist to simplify the music licensing process, offering a single music licence that covers both the copyright on the music (owned by the songwriter) and the recording (owned by the record company/artist). MRM provides efficient single music licences to music users providing legal access to use music in all its various form. We collect licence income and distribute this income as royalties to our member. This enables the creation of more music for you to enjoy.


We help music creators get paid for their work and give music users an easy way to legally play and copy music. Royalties keep the music coming and ensure the industryís future. Music can be an extremely effective tool for your business, itís creating the right ambiance, attracting and keeping the customer and so much more.

We licence organization to play, perform, copy, record or make available our membersí music. Without use business would have to contact thousands of songwriters, composers and music publisher would have to deal with thousands of request fro music user. Through licensing, we make this process simple and straightforward for both parties.

Weíre committed to protecting the value of music and ensuring our members are represented. Itís why weíre fighting music piracy and tackling the changes that digital has brought to the industry.


MRMís primary objective is to provide centralised and one-stop collective copyright licensing convenience to both music rights holders and commercial music users in Malaysia. Its functions include licensing business, organisations, and individuals that use copyright music in one or more the following ways.


MRM represents the following categories for works, rights and rights holders:

Works Rights Rights Holders
Musical Works Exclusive rights of control pursuant to Section 13(1)(a), (aa) & (b) of the Copyright Act 1987 Composers, lyricists and publishers who are members of Music Authorsí Copyright Protection (MACP) Berhad
Sound Recordings Exclusive rights of control pursuant to Section 13(1)(a), (aa) & (b) of the Copyright Act 1987 Recording labels which are members of Public Performance Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Performers Rights Equitable remuneration rights pursuant to Section 16(B) of the Copyright Act 1987 Recording artistes and musicians who are members of Recording Performers Malaysia Bhd (RPM))





Datuk Ahmad Izham Bin Omar

Cheng Kwai Wu

Ng Ayna

Yao Mei Sei

Foong Wai Heng

Choy Khin Ming


Wan Ashireen Binti Aspan

Head of Finance & Admin

Ellisya Abdullah

Head of Licensing

Abdurahemsa bin Mohammad Mokhtar

Licensing Manager, Annual

Peter Chiam

Licensing Manager, Annual

Norsidah bt Ismail

Licensing Consultant, Single Event

Lau Kim Foo

Licensing Consultant, East Malaysia


To achieve fair value for music


To provide an exceptional service
to all stakeholders by:

Fairly and effectively collecting royalties for the commercial use of copyright music

Cost effectively, accurately and rapidly distributing such royalties to right holders

Transparently implementing best corporate governance & international practice

Licensing Body Declaration / Accreditation Certificates